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About AurorialWolf

Hi! I’m an aspiring voice actor and YouTuber! My name is AurorialWolf, but my nickname is Aria! I currently have a pretty small amount of professional voice acting experience, but I have a decent variety of accents and voices I can do! I’m currently making my own series in the form of a Minecraft roleplay, and I’m willing to help people with their own projects, depending on certain things! I also have a quite decent amount of experience with scripting. I quite like writing, and I have written scripts for other people on a couple occasions, and I’ve written lots of scripts for my own series! I have a small amount of editing experience, but for now I am only able to do simple editing, just cutting out parts and some effects and transitions. All my socials are listed under the name AurorialWolf!

All my public social medias:

By the way, I identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and am a proud supporter of human rights, meaning I will not accept work from / hire anyone who is homophobic, transphobic, racist, anti-Semitic, ableist, or anything of that sort.

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Not really anything, unless I'm being asked to do a lot! 

But, here's my general rates (these are approximations that could change, and these will be negotiated in dms on discord or CCC if you are interested in hiring me to do, like I said, a lot). These rates could and likely will get a bit higher once I have more experience and a functioning portfolio.

What AurorialWolf is looking for

I like minecraft roleplays, gacha club / gacha life series, animated series, indie games, etc! My main goal is to create my own series (which is currently a work-in-progress)! I joined Casting Call Club to find people to connect with that could help me, or find people I could help!
Please DM me here on CCC if you're interested in my work! I can provide you my discord handle if you decide you'd like me to work for you after I ask my usual questions!

  • @ComfyZoneFilms

    Aurorial is the most passionate in the biz! Grinding away to make their dreams a reality whilst juggling being the sweetest of sweethearts is truly - mwah. Kisses. Chef's kiss, while we're at it.

    If you're looking for a wonderful person to work with and or watch continuously grow into an even better being, he's it.

    They have changed and improved in their works so wonderfully much over the two years I've known them, and I personally can't wait to keep following her journey.