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About Astrid

Hello! If you're on my page, you're interested in my voice or a prosthetic limb, no?

My niche for voice acting includes soft, calm, and confident characters. My voice is best suited for mid-high ranges, but I can go low as well, say, to emphasize maturity. I would love to voice act for animations, shows, and videogames in the future. Reaching that point is a goal for me that I hope to get to, one step at a time.

I'm also developing a visual novel, and a new demo reel is in the works!






H Squared Studio - 2021

Private Coaching

Instructed by Kara Hanson

    • Professional voice-over and voice acting lessons with H Squared Studio, Spokane, Washington (Remote) | 2021 - Present


Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Deb Munro

A 12-week intensive course that focuses on expressing emotions and hidden intentions in voice acting | March-May 2022


Rates are negotiable and subject to change depending on the type of project. I am currently prioritizing paid projects.

What Astrid is looking for

I want to expand my vocal abilities while gaining experience and working on a variety of projects! Bringing characters to life and such.

  • @herranios

    Did a fantastic job on their audition and with the voice lines themselves!

  • @umifusion

    Astrid and I attended the same VA workshop recently. She demonstrated improvement over the length of the course, diligently applying live feedback to each of her takes. She also has such a beautifully sounding natural voice! Astrid was great to work with in a group and I would highly recommend her for your next project!

  • @tjman461

    She did a very good job with the lines given, and I was very happy with how my project turned out. She even gave multiple takes for each line so I could choose which one would work best. Overall I highly recommend her.

  • @zachary-ct

    Astrid is awesome, an absolute joy to work with! Not only is she a very talented voice actress, but she is also writing and directing a great project of her own. 

    Thanks Astrid, keep up the awesome work!