About Ash

Hi! I'm Ash! I'm a female voice actor looking for some voice acting projects to work on! My pronouns are she/star/sprout/fawn! I have a pretty large voice range so I can do anything from evil villain with a smooth deep voice to an annoying little fairy with a voice like ringing bells.


As far a pricing goes, I will do both paid and unpaid va work however, I'm trying to save up for school as of late and due to health issues, this is the only form of work available to me. These are my price rates:
Short Projects~29 Lines or Less
$0.50 Per Line
Normal Projects~30+

$1.00 Per Line
Bigger Projects~100+
$2.00 Per Line

What Ash is looking for

I'm looking for some voice acting jobs for a cinematic series, video game characters, voiceovers, etc.