Ashe Pendragon

Ashe Pendragon

Nonbinary Queer | freelance illustrator and Voice Actor | 33y/o | They/Them

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About Ashe Pendragon

Hi there!

I'm Ashe, a nonbinary actor based in the UK Midlands. I've been into acting since I was young and spent a long time Cosplaying and brushing up on those talents. I've recently gotten into working with Audio only and I'm currently working on @nocturnesco 's Night Shift as Adair North. 

Looking forward to working with you!

  • @nocturnesco

    I've worked with Ashe on a number of creative projects over the years, and I'm currently working with them on the Night Shift podcast, where I am director and lead VA, and Ashe plays a major supporting role. They have a fantastic vocal range, are great at delivering comedy lines, and take direction well — I've seen them in a huge variety of roles, from sultry seductress to deluded scientist to final girl. They're particularly adept at capturing emotion in their performance and can make even the strangest character concepts sound believable and natural. I'd recommend them to any project seeking an enthusiastic, hardworking and credible actor!

  • @SashaAleksandra

    I've known Ashe for years and have worked with them on several creative projects, most recently including the Night Shift Podcast. They have an incredibly impressive range of accents they can perform to a very convincing degree. They take direction well, and have proved their ability to evoke complex emotions through both physical and vocal acting. They're wonderful to work with, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an adaptable, driven vocal talent. 

  • @elf22

    After an exhaustive process of combing through54 separate auditions for our lead, we chose Ashe.  Simply put, we could not be happier!

    Ashe was both punctual and cordial in our initial Discord conversation, as we went over the project details as well as our expectations.  Taking that input, Ashe fired on all cylinders, delivering an incredible performance in an amazing turnaround time frame, far exceeding our expectations!

    They were always polite and a delight to work with at every step, and we would LOVE to work with them again in the future if that opportunity presented itself.