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About art

hello hello

my name is arturonamo, but you can call me art (or any shortening of my user, I'll respond)


I do voiceover, but I mostly edit or work behind the scenes. Here are some of the programs I have dabbled in and what my "level" is:

- Adobe After Effects CC (basic)

- Vegas Pro [multiple versions] (decent knowledge, my usual program)

- Hitfilm Express

- Adobe Premiere Pro (very basic)

I mostly enjoy comic dubs and basic YouTube video editing, but I'm open to really almost anything. If you're interested in having me around, feel free to shoot me a dm on here, Twitter, or Discord.





discord (arturonamo#3732)


I do voiceover & editing free of charge. I am a hobbyist who isn't very good at my trade, but if you for whatever reason want to offer me pay I will take it.