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¬ Theatre experience: 7 years
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  • @kayla-kosher

    Artomatic is a good friend to me, and even though I am not their director or worker, I know what they do. I like to hear their auditions, and I do say they are pretty good. I am giving them a recommendation because they deserve it. They tend to get casted 1/4 out of their auditions. They just started too. They are still setting up their music/mic setup. Yet, their audio quality is amazing for what they have. I believe they have potential.

  • @glorace

    What to to with Artomatic... I know, give then the recommendation they deserve! Artomatic has been an amazing client and they are REALLY nice! They deliver their lines clearly and even helped by filling two roles instead of one! I highly suggest Artomatic to anyone who is looking for a quick, reliable and friendly voice actor!

  • @isa_xml

    hi it's isa

  • @itsmimi

    artomatic/jayden has been a great voice actor of mine and still is at the moment, they are amazing and have great mic quality! they are really friendly and active and always give their lines on time. they even ask If I want them to redo it, even if the lines are 2 pages long. they are really reliable and kind, and I recommend them to anyone needing a great friend, and a voice actor.