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About Ardentias

Figured it's time for a proper introduction! Feel free to add me on Discord as well! 

Ardy #7997

Hello everyone! My name is Cory, most of my friends call me 'Ardy' as a nickname for my screen name Ardentias. 

I'm a girl born and raised in Southern California near LA but have lived near the Seattle area for a few years now. Born into a family of mainly doctors I was the oddball. I love art, animation and of course Voice Acting. Drawing is one of my favorite past times when I'm not at work. 

My passion since I was a child has been horses. I started lessons when I was 4 and a half years old and now I am a youth horseback riding instructor. Teaching kids ages 5 to teens about centered balanced riding, bareback might I add. I own two horse of my own. Sansa, a black bay quarab (Quarter Horse/Arabian) mare and Oliver, a cream dun Norwegian Fjord gelding. Both are great and the light of my life. Along with horseback riding I am part of a Mounted Archery Club/Team and am hoping to start competing soon. 

It's so awesome to meet all of you! I look forward to this next adventure!