Angeles Paz Latapi

Angeles Paz Latapi

I'm a female Mexican actor, singer, artist and writer located in Vancouver. I love magical girl shows, horror games, and Shakespeare. For all inquiries, please message me directly or email me at [email protected].

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About Angeles Paz Latapi

Hi there! My name is Angeles and I'm an emerging young BIPOC artist who speaks fluent Spanish and English. I studied voiceover professionally during my time at Capilano University, but have always been interested in my different voices, from being called on to read in class (often!) to memorizing scenes and speaking along to the dialogue of my favourite animated shows.

Alongside intense theatre and film acting training throughout my secondary and post-secondary career, I have also been classically trained as a singer! My range is F3 to C6, and I really love to sing rock or musical theatre or anything in between, really.

My voice has been described as clear, sweet, and Disney-princess-esque.  

Feel free to shoot me a message here or on Discord! 

Capilano University - 2022


Instructed by Billy J Gollner

Special Skills class focussed on voice acting in commercials, animation, and audio books

What Angeles Paz Latapi is looking for

I love anything to do with games, animation, dubbing - but I also love a good commercial or audiobook. So anything goes, really.