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About Alpha008

Australian Jack of all trades. Not necessarily proficient at anything, but willing to give it a shot and see what happens.

  • @JetProject

    I got to work with this kind fellow on multiple occasions now and soon I'll be working with him again. He can provide a really REALLY wide variety of voices. Very versatile, very natural delivery and full of fun energy. I highly recommend working with him! 

  • @seicool0815

    A truly excellent VA. In the show I Co-Managed, I believe he played, what, 5? Different roles, each with a distinct, excellent Voice. If you want someone to do different Voices, Alpha008 is only to be recommended. 

  • @whi_24

    You want a good actor who gets their lines in on time, who has amazing range, amazing quality and is not only reliable but willing to do more work than they signed up for? This is your guy! Seriously, this guy is everything a producer could ever want! The perfect voice actor to work with! Thankyou for working with me on a project!