Alec Sansone

Alec Sansone
@alec_sansone                                                              I use my voice to help authors, content creators, copywriters, and animators bring their work to life. | Check out my website for my demos and to email me.

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About Alec Sansone

Hi, I’m Alec.

And I bring stories to life with my voice.

I’ve been a performer my entire life and I’m ready to put that passion and experience to work for you. I spent over a decade on stage, playing all kinds of characters, and in the process, discovering my love for the power of the voice.

So, when I stumbled upon the world of voice acting, it was like I had finally found my true calling. I’ve been honing my skills and soaking up all the vocal and technical knowledge I can. Now I’m ready to unleash my talent on the world.

With my professional home studio, I’m able to deliver high-quality audio files and meet any deadline. Coupled with a unique recording and editing method, I can produce, master, and do pickups in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

I have a range of vocal styles and can adapt to different subjects, genres, and characters. You need an announcer or narrator? Check. Many character voices? No problem. A consistent brand voice? Easy peasy.

I’m not just any voice actor. I’m a seasoned performer with a passion for bringing characters to life and telling stories. I’m not afraid to do whatever it takes to give your project the voice it deserves.

So let’s join forces and bring your vision to life!


Depends on the project.

What Alec Sansone is looking for

I hope to help animators, video game creators, authors, and content creators bring their visions to life.