"Ace in The Hole" Productions!

"Ace in The Hole" Productions!

A group of individuals who make Hazbin Hotel content!

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About "Ace in The Hole" Productions!

About AITH :

We, or "Ace in The Hole" Productions, are a talented group of individuals who make Hazbin Hotel content on the internet!

AITH (Ace in the Hole) Productions decided to hop on CCC to get the help we need to make the content we aspire to! We often have open Casting Calls for all kinds of work, so if you're interested, feel free to stick around and keep your eyes peeled!

About the Founder of AITH Productions :

So, you're probably curious as to who originally came up with AITH? Who's the person behind the screen (and behind the scenes) working for this group? Well.. It's me! (The person typing this right now)

The name is Rae!! I'm 17 years old, and a junior in high school. I'm not a voice actor but have helped co-direct VA projects since late 2021, but now, it's my turn to have my own project!

I have quite a few years under my belt of theater experience and have been doing shows since 2019. I am also based in Chicago!

My biggest passion has always been directing, even before I even started, I've always enjoyed taking the leadership role in things, and now we're taking that to an even further step!


Pricing will be dependent on how well AITH Productions does, as much as I don't want to say that, as I (the founder of AITH) am a high schooler who cannot pay a full team of people out of the funds in my pockets.

BUT this may change once I get to college, or more likely, once I get independently on my feet financially. 

What "Ace in The Hole" Productions! is looking for

For recruits, we are looking for all types of people in all sorts of jobs/areas, but more importantly...

We are looking for people who have a driving force in what they do! We want people who very clearly have a passion for whatever field they're in, who are genuine people, not some robotic employees behind a computer screen, and we also value talent as well, but the other stuff is much more important.