small graphic designer, aspiring voice actor | 17, she/her

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About Aimee

hey, i'm aimee! i'm 17, from australia, and have always been so interested in voice acting. it's definitely my dream job!! in the past, i've practised a lot with voices, accents and even singing too, but only now have i recently gotten into really recording myself to submit for auditions.

vocal age range: 10-20yrs, depending on the character

pitch: medium-low, medium, medium-high, high

accents: australian (originally), standard american, standard british, southern-american

Discord: @aimee2589
Email: xiaimzx


i take both paid and unpaid jobs. i'm not currently looking for an exact rate as i'm more looking to gain more experience in the field! :)

What Aimee is looking for

i'm just looking to work with any roles that i feel i'm suited to!