Aidan's skills extend beyond the mechanics of sound. Their perceptive grasp of script nuances and storytelling dynamics allows them to embody emotions, becoming a vessel through which narratives are felt, not just heard.

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About Aidan

I was born in Ireland and started working in the sound industry way back in 1997 on my first feature film. I have a trained Bass/Baritone voice that has been used in adverts, corporate videos, educational mediums, and on stage.

For the past few years, I have immersed myself in the world of voice-over, honing my skills and crafting my art. Through my experiences, I have cultivated a deep understanding of vocal dynamics, tone modulation, and the power of inflection. My proficiency in delivering authentic and engaging voice performances has allowed me to contribute to a diverse range of projects, from captivating audiobooks to compelling corporate narrations.

What sets me apart is my rich and resonant bass/baritone singing voice. With a commanding lower register, I possess the ability to evoke emotions and captivate listeners, whether through narrative storytelling or musical expression. My vocal versatility allows me to transition seamlessly between spoken word and melodic expression, enhancing the depth and dimension of every project.

In my time within the voice-over industry, I have learned the art of storytelling through sound. I understand the importance of adapting my voice to suit the nuances of each script, creating a genuine connection with the audience. My dedication to perfecting both technical precision and emotional depth has consistently resulted in impactful and memorable performances.

Furthermore, my adaptability extends to the technical aspects of the industry. As the field continues to evolve, I have embraced remote recording technologies and digital collaboration platforms, ensuring efficient communication and seamless teamwork, regardless of geographic distance.

London Academy of Sound and Fashion - 2018

Sound Engineering and Vocal Training

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What Aidan is looking for

I'm thrilled to be part of the Casting Call Club community, where the echoes of stories come alive through the captivating art of voice-over. My journey in the world of voice acting has been an exhilarating one, marked by the joy of giving life to characters and narratives. With a background primarily in narration, education, and character work, I've had the privilege of delving into a range of projects that have both challenged and enriched my vocal prowess.

The Casting Call Club beckoned to me with the promise of new horizons.

As I stand at this juncture, I am excited to branch out into new areas of voice acting, embracing fresh characters, genres, and styles. The allure of lending my voice to unexplored narratives and collaborating with fellow artists resonates deeply with my artistic aspirations. I believe that every script presents an opportunity for growth, a chance to expand my skills, and unearth new facets of my vocal ability.

Beyond the thrill of performance, I am eager to forge connections with like-minded creators, directors, and fellow voice actors. The power of collaboration is immeasurable, and I'm enthusiastic about the prospect of learning from others, exchanging insights, and contributing to collective creative endeavors.

Thank you for welcoming me into this vibrant community. I look forward to embarking on this next chapter of my voice-over journey, discovering uncharted territories, and infusing my unique voice into the tapestry of narratives waiting to be told.