Aspiring voice actor!   

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About AdamIsBack

Hey, I'm Adam!

And I'm trying to become a professional voiceactor,

Voice acting is my passion and I'd love to work on your projects!

Here is a playlist of every project I voiced for:

I have the XLR AT2020 microphone,

Been voice acting since July 2022,

If you have any constructive criticism I'd love to hear it!

Discord: adamisback 

What AdamIsBack is looking for

Animations, fandubs, voice over and anything regarding voice acting!

  • @lovvxxn

     His voice is amazing! He joined my project and meets all my expectations. I appreciate it so much!

  • @gamingmax001

    He has a great voice and is a great person in real life!

  • @ryoth

    Great voice. Also has loads of auditions available

  • @ahsokatano14

    I managed him on my Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Issue #2 project. He was a pleasure to work with as he was extremely prompt with responses and got lines in as soon as I needed them! Very good quality audio as well!

  • @catbc3824

    He has a great voice and impressions. His voice fits the character I was looking for! Greatly recommend. :)

  • @tristan_lamb

    He voice acted for my 1 series "two piece" show and it came out great! I really recommend this nice fella.