What was that? Oh evil phycopaths MMM my favorite 

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About AceDracule

Hello all 

First and foremost my name is Ross most people online know me by AceDracule or just Ace.

I am a 30 year old male and quite enjoy to crazy side of characters.

I have a YouTube channel that I upload samples to and also gameing content

Go check out my channel here and don't forget to hit that subscribe button

aside from all that I can do father roles very well as I have a quickly growing 6 year old that loves to keep me on my feet, I can dedicate myself to the craft as I still have ample time on my hands to record lines.

My current set up:

Blue Yeti Snowball

Beast of a gameing PC

I use audacity for all my lines and auditions and know how to use the program

If asked I can attempt to design logos I sketch by hand then digitize.

If your interested in hiring me for a project feel free to drop me a message either here on CCC or shoot me a message over discord at AceDracule#5050 I don't bite so don't hesitate to ask me questions.


Chat with me I can be reasonable 

What AceDracule is looking for

Looking to build my skills in voice acting