Spaded Ace Productions is a small YouTube channel run by a minor named Ace in his spare time! The channel hosts his projects and at current he's looking for animators and voice actors to reach out to via Discord with in order to help pursue his efforts!

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About ♤Ace♤

The creator of the Production Channel is Ace whose main hobby has been art and animation since he was young!

If you wish to contact Ace, either DM this account or (for the quickest turn around time) reach out to his discord at: spadedace47/♤JunglePrince♤#0047

To see the Spaded Ace Productions channel itself and the projects on it, here's a link! Spaded Ace Productions.

At current the main content present on the channel is Space Pride! Created in late 2023 and is a current, on-going series of comics, shorts, episodes, and introductions about the lives of surfing cats who've taken to an island as a home of paradise.

Ace's goal is to make more Space Pride content and pursue its future and perhaps if more ideas spark he's passionate in, produce content for those concepts too!

What ♤Ace♤ is looking for

Spaded Ace Productions joined CCC in order to network to more creators, artists, animators and voice actors! Both to build indie work bonds with and to find others to create with when it comes to the channel's hosted projects.

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