Newbie voice actor and screenwriter looking for V.O. and screenwriting work. Works under the pen name "Brandon G. Marino." Legally, all compensation for paid projects must be paid to my LEGAL name-- for more info or clarification, please reach out to me. (I may change it to my pen name in the future

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About Brandon

  1. Male (he/him/his). Law student. Lives in New Jersey.

Hudson County Community College - 2022

Intro to Theater

Instructed by

Course gave instruction on how to properly act employing the Stanislavski and Adler methods, confidence exercises, proper eye contact with the camera, and speaking skills.

Hudson County Community College - 2022

Public Speaking

Instructed by

A course on how to adequately build confidence while delivering speeches-- be it as an attorney, a preacher, a professor, or an actor/actress-- this course gives you the know-how on how to write and deliver great speeches.

Hudson County Community College - 2022

English Composition I & II (Honors)

Instructed by

A course on types of literature, and how to write convincing academic essays and other forms of creative writing.


In U.S. Dollars (USD$) I charge:

Character voices - $10 per line, add'l $2 per extra line

Script editing (as a bonus to voicing a character(s)) - $40 per script

Screenwriting (Episodes ranging from 10 to 30 minutes) - $80 per script

Screenwriting (for Films, 40 to 90 minutes) - $100 per script

What Brandon is looking for

I am looking to expand my horizons by participating in screenwriting and voice-over/voice acting projects. I am looking to see what the necessary tools of the trade are, build experience, and expand my brand.