Hi there! Name's Willow! I'm a trained voice actor and a lover of all things! I'd love to be added to your project! If not, I'm just here :)

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About Willow

Hello! I am a well-trained voice actor, actor in general, and singer!

My qualifications:

-I can do Male or Female voice acting

-Age of character doesn’t matter either!

-I can do Scottish, southern, British, Australian, and Russian accents!

-I do not have access to discord

-You can access me through email or my YT channel!

-I also have my own project! Feel free to audition!

The Path To Justice Shorts are at https://www.youtube.com/@WillowBreeze23

And the series itself is at https://www.youtube.com/@Willow-Breeze23


No price! But if it is a paid project, we can negotiate.

What Willow is looking for

Any sort of videos on YT or projects seen that I can voice act or sing in! I am getting back into doing VAs as well as my own projects! There's usually little that I won't do!