Hey, l'm Naaye! I'm a Voice actor, writer and artist! My commissions are currently open, and I only do paid commissions for art! If you have anything other than at for a project or more, please go fill out a form here:

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About NaayeWolf

l will use this for SC stuff as well as my own work.  

!!I am now able to do voice acting work!!

୨୧┇Name: Sylvia/Naaye

୨୧┇Age: 17

୨୧┇Sexuality: Pansexual

୨୧┇Pronouns: He/She [Bigender]


୨୧┇Color: Black/Cyan

୨୧┇Food: Rice

୨୧┇Game: T or D, Minecraft

୨୧┇Fandom: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Violet evergarden

୨୧┇Band/Song: Imagine Dragons

About me:

୨୧┇Trigger/Fear: Chickens, Homophobia, etc.

୨୧┇I like to randomly say words or make sounds so if l do that that's what's up ୨୧┇I like anime, with my favorite genre being Shonen, but I'm getting more into slice of life



What NaayeWolf is looking for

I do Art, Voice Over, and Writing!