Aspiring and dedicated new voice actress! Female/youthful, alto actress/singer. Shows/video games/animations/dubs/skits/dramas. :) Contact me here on CCC or on Discord: ublivius913

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About Ublivius

I am an aspiring and dedicated new voice actress who joined CCC at the end of January, 2024. I am looking for more and bigger opportunities to go further and build my portfolio/resume. Go ahead and check out my recordings/submissions, as you wish! If you like what you hear, come send me a message inquiry~


2024 Theme: Resolve.

  • If you really want it, you need to do it. Yes, it is hard to climb a terrifying mountain, but your courage takes you farther than most other people who stopped before they even started.

Honest and constructive criticism is better than niceties or rudeness, both for the artist and the client.




  • Crow, Tuvi, Jug, and Plot-Relevant Ant Guard (Auditioned February/March 2024)
    in Bug Fables: The Everlasting Story [Fandub]
    by Anna Roe/Roe Dubs

  • Vanessa Darth (Auditioned February 2024)
    in Open Theatre [Audio Drama]
    by ShivayaGojo

  • Hinako Mishuku (Auditioned February 2024)
    in Your Turn to Die Fandub (Spring 2024 - Ongoing, 2 episodes available)
    by Shining Rose Productions

  • Leafeon (Auditioned February 2024)
    in Eeveelution Squad [Fandub]
    by NorthStar

  • Marianne, Micaiah, Asami, and Miki (Auditioned April 2024)
    in Fire Emblem: Descendants [Fan work]
    by Lauren Breedlove

  • Little'Dawn (Past and Present) (Auditioned May 2024)
    in Freefall [Animatic Musical]
    by Lunailee


  • Pepper the Bunny and Katelyn Cook (Auditioned March 2024)
    in Pepper's Show [Animatic Musical]
    by Trixie Daylight/Pepperflakezzz


Outside of VA, I am a storywriter that hopes to publish novels. Needless to say, I'm a fiction/fantasy nerd!


I stream 1 - 3 times a week at https://www.twitch.tv/ublivius913

- 2024

Instructed by

Took a couple voice-over enrichment classes at local college. Acted monologues for my church online during COVID lockdown.
Acted in 2 high school plays (non-musical comedic role and soloist, secondary role in a musical). Sang alto/mezzo-soprano in church choir and tenor/alto in high school choir. Directed, auditioned, and casted in unpublished web series, along with creating various song covers years ago.

What Ublivius is looking for

Any voice acting gigs, paid or unpaid. Original projects are preferred but not required. I'm a new voice actress, so I am building up experience here! NOTE: I will not voice profanities (including God as a swear word) or sexual NSFW. However, please contact me if you wish to discuss this topic!