About twokeys

TwoKeysInAPod Productions provides core services in Production Development which caters to a wide range of auditory needs, from Soundtrack Composition—crafting tailored themes, loops, and background music—to the intricate process of Soundtrack Mastering, where we apply sophisticated effects and filters, ensuring your audio is polished and delivered in your preferred format. In addition to these specialized services, our Consultations provide valuable insights, helping to clarify your project's requirements and advising on the best paths forward. Leveraging Juan’s extensive background in business development and composition, alongside Derek’s expertise in computer science and customer relations, TwoKeysInAPod Productions is your partner in achieving high-quality, impactful soundscapes ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the creative landscape.


At TwoKeysInAPod Productions, our per project pricing model is designed with transparency and customization at its core. This approach allows us to provide a clear, all-inclusive quote tailored to the specific requirements, complexity, and timeline of your project, ensuring no hidden costs. We calculate each proposal to deliver high-quality soundtracks and mastering services that align with your vision and budget. Our goal is to offer competitive, clear pricing that fosters trust and long-term partnerships.

What twokeys is looking for

At TwoKeysInAPod, we specialize in creating custom soundtracks and mastering audio for diverse projects like indie games, films, and podcasts. Our aim is to craft soundscapes that not only complement narratives but stand as art in their own right. Joining Casting Call Club was a natural move for us—it's where we can connect with creative projects and collaborators who appreciate our blend of creativity and technical skill. Through this platform, we seek to expand our portfolio, push our creative boundaries, and contribute to impactful storytelling through sound.