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Hello, thank you for stopping by. My name is Tragedy Faye, and I am the Co-owner of Cactus Cat Creations. This is a content creating company working with talents from around the world.

Our current project is titled Darkness Falls, where I am the producer, main writer, director, voice actor, and sound engineer. I am also a Community Manager for the Hall of Adventures Discord server run by Dodo of Dodo's Arthouse, a talented mapmaker and Game Master, as well as the main protagonist of Darkness Falls. 

You can find his work at:

One of my other skills is that of a muse (consultant). I like to inspire others around me and help them to in their pursuits. 

I have been a game master for over 20 years and have developed a vast world with rich adventure and intricate storytelling. I have worked over the years in developing several different voices and accents. I have worked creating content for @DreadMaps on Discord.

You can also view his work here:

I also create maps and custom assets for TTRPG games: 

Southern New Hampshire University - 2023


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I have a background in Anthropology and Archeology. I was an honor role student and have a deep understanding of what makes humans human. I use this in my writing and content creating. Through my field of study I can analyze and predict how people will react to various topics and media. I use this background to assist, inspire, and create various content that touches on thise human aspects to develop diverse and emotional connection to the stories and other forms of media. 


All offers will be considered.

What Tragedy Faye is looking for

I have a wide variety of interests across many genres. I would like the chance to work in a broad range of roles. Please do not use my voice for Ai.