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About Trademark

I'm just an uncool 15 year old boy that makes stupid content. I use Casting Call Club in case if I want to participate in certain projects as a voice actor. I also founded my own indie animation studio called Illnation that I plan to make into a full business by 2028 and here I'll create project pages for it for those interested. I currently don't have a demo reel but I'll definitely put one up soon. ;)

Equipment / Software:

  • GarageBand (Music Production)

  • Audacity (Mic Recording + Sound Editing)

  • KineMaster (Video Editing)

  • Scratch (Artwork)

  • LucaSng Studio Condenser Microphone

  • OneOdio A70 Headphones


Right now I'd rather not be paid. I am working to start up my own independent business in around 4 years or so, so once I start that I might change my payment rates.

What Trademark is looking for

Currently interested in doing voice work, however I may expand into other occupations as well in the future. I will make a demo reel soon so stay tuned for that.