Winston Lewis

Winston Lewis

Winston | He/Him 🏳️‍⚧️ | 21 | Animatic artist looking for extra work in voice acting, design work, and writing.

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About Winston Lewis

Hi, I'm Winston, a trans animation postgraduate from the UK. I'm enthusiastic about creative work and am eager to find some projects to work on in my spare time to bulk out my portfolio.


My hobbies include entomology and insect pinning, competitive multiplayer gaming, and working on my passion project Wild Westly!


If you are interested in commissioning me or hiring me for animation/storyboarding work, you can check out my portfolio here!

Coventry Univerity - 2024

BA Animation and Illustration

Instructed by Francis Lowe

Graduated with a First and Honours in 2024. This course was for a bachelor's degree in animation and illustration. This was a 3-year course, and included training in Adobe and Toon Boom products, training in character design, training in story writing, training in visual development, and acted as a way to push students towards their desired career paths within the art industry. In my final year of university, I specialised in storyboarding/animatic work for my dissertation and final major project, which would go on to become Wild Westly.

What Winston Lewis is looking for

I am excited at the prospect of using the odd range of my voice due to starting testosterone to experiment with a variety of roles while also training my voice to maintain its range. While, of course, more masc-leaning roles are my goal, I have no issue with playing any gender or genre of character as long as the project is fun and welcoming!

  • @Sasha927

    I worked with Winston on the Wild Westly Pilot voicing the character Argus SIlksong - a moth with a mean streak, to say the least. Winston was amazing to work with. He's the only client I've had that provided a full read of my lines (so direction was clear as possible) while still encouraging me to improvise and be creative in my delivery. He's a prompt, clear, professional, and gracious communicator who makes you feel totally supported in your work. Bonus for the project itself was unlike anything I've seen to this point, high-quality, and hilarious. He and the Wild Westly team have my unflinching and unwavering support in upcoming projects. I'd love to work with them again.

  • @aubrey-akersvo

    Winston is awesome to work with and I enjoyed our live session! I hope to work together again!