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About TimFishy

Heyo, I'm Mile/Tim, she/they. I am mostly known as FishyMom on Tumblr and YouTube! I'm a comic/digital artist, singer, nerdcore musician, and lyricist/songwriter. I am also very passionate about voice acting. If you ever need any help in writing, singing, dubs/voice acting, hit me up on Discord (fishytim2584 or Fishy#2584)


Minimum of 25 euros but I am open to discussing the payment. If you want me to write you a song, I expect a minimum of 100 euros. My art commissions price list is available hereĀ https://fishymom-art.tumblr.com/fishy-commissions

What TimFishy is looking for

Voice Acting Jobs (from Comic Dubs to Video Games), Vocal/Singing, Concept Art/Character Design/Webcomics, YouTube video editing jobs, etc.