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About Wicked

Hey all!

My name is Wicked. I'm an animator and voice actor who dabbles in music production and video editing. I aspire on going to college to get a degree in 2D animation. I'm working on a current animated series and I need authors, voice actors, animators, and whatever other talents you might be able to provide!

A few things I love:

- Roleplay

- Dragons

- Minecraft

- Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss

- Murder Drones

- Amazing Digital Circus

- Fashion and Cosplay

- Conspiracy Theories

- Spicy Fictional Characters


- Animation

- VA

- Cello

- Bass Guitar

- Some Leadership Skills

- Crafting Backstories

What I Want to Improve/Learn More About:

- Animation

- VA

- Composing music

- Roller Blading and Ice Skating

- Space

- French Language

- Japanese Language

Feel free to message me on Discord!

What Wicked is looking for


Video Games

Webtoons/Web Comics

Comic Dubs

  • @JamesJimi

    I have only met her little sister, but I only hear good things! She is also creating a really cool animated series, in which I will audition!