Tabetha McNeal VA

Tabetha McNeal VA

Looking for your next strong female lead? Or looking for a hopeful, loving, and kind little kid? Or maybe bully with soft heart then I'm ya girl! I'm Tabetha VA, a black voice actor! 

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About Tabetha McNeal VA

Heya! I'm Tabetha McNeal! Let's Connect. I can do a wide range of emotions and characters and I take direction well. I'm a classily trained actress for over 5+ plus years so long scripts, long hours, and teamwork is my middle name. I'm also trained in audio dramas and plays. Check out my reel below!  

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Discord: TabethaMcNealVA#7003

Recoding Setup - Newly Upgraded

  • * Microphone: RODENT1

  • * Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen

  • * DAW: Audacity/Reaper 

  • *Connectivity:

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  • Local Studio Available

Identity School Of Acting - 2021

Audio Drama

Instructed by Lydia Parker
Acting & Voice Studios - 2022

One-On-One Online Voice-Over Agent Workshop with Portia Scott of Coast to Coast Agency

Instructed by Portia Scott
The VA Kingdom - 2021

Voice Acting 101 - Workshop

Instructed by Jayce Ghoul
Voices Of Color - 2022

Commercial and Promo with Tre Mosley

Instructed by Tre Mosley
Vagabond School Of The Arts - 2022

Chicago Industry Connection: VOICEOVER Agent Edition

Instructed by Susan Farlik
Identity School Of Acting - 2022

Acting Conservatory

Instructed by Kay Caposso, Rebecca Reany, Lydia Parker, Max Saunders-Singer,Anne Musisi,

Identity School of Acting is a part-time drama school that was founded in London, England by Femi Oguns in 2003. A second branch and campus opened in Los Angeles, California in 2018. Identity School of Acting began in 2003 with 10 students at the Arcola Theatre in Hackney



I quote from the Indie Rate Guide for independent projects and the GVAA Rate Guide for corporate/commercial/studio projects. The only exception to that would be student projects. Students, feel free to reach out for work on your assignments!

  • @jae_makes_animations

    Tabetha McNeal voiced the role of the young girl in the Christmas Animatic 'A Ghost of Christmas Pudding'. Although only a handful of lines, Tabetha pulled out all the stops and delivered an amazing performance. The audio she submitted was clean and clear. She delivered the lines swiftly, easily meeting the project's deadline showing great time management skills. Her lines perfectly encapsulated the attitude of the character, radiating an air of mischief. She was a pleasure to work with, and I hope to do so again in the future. I absolutely recommend her skills. 

  • @kiirby-mariee

    I've been working with Tabetha for a little while now and I can definitely say that she is an amazing person to work with. She is the most nicest person I've met super kind, very responsible and is very talented. She delivers her lines fast and they're very clear and captures the role of Rowan so well! I highly recommend her! 

  • @chelseaqueen94

    Absolutely delightful to work with. Delivered superb lines quickly! I would work with again on any project that I would do in the future for sure. 

  • @Ramen_Sensei

    She is very talented! Worked with her on a project... Her line delivery is amazing!!! The way she expresses herself with just her natural voice is astounding!

  • @mrlele

    Tabetha sent me one of her auditions for the characters of my series that I was searching, and after listening her voice I was like: WOW! She has an amazing voice and she is kind and sweet too! :)) And when I asked her lines for my project in in a very short time she sent them! I really recommend her!

  • @demandpoochy

    Requested for her to audition and she fit the character PERFECTLY! Was available for retakes and was quick to respond.