Sup, I'm Slayer. An aspiring writer who seek to revolutionize modern day media turning it away from garbage money grabs with no soul and over worked workers into something more. 

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About Slayer

Hello there, Im slayer, a simple man with a big dream. My goal is to one day create an entertainment company to sponsor indie artists of all sorts and to help them get their name known. Why is this my goal? Ill state down below.

(Annoying rant, honestly hate bitching but here I am)

As you know or have seen media of all generes is getting cheap as they try to sell us less for more. They offer poor entertainment quality despite having access to all the time, money, and resources they could desire. They create lifeless unoriginal series which are usually copied and overdone formulas/generes, cash repeated legacy films, or "my favorite" overly sexualized trashy media. Why? Because  modern corperations just want a quick cash grab! Whats even worse is that they are incompetent, lazy, greedy, and have little to no care if the product is actually good or not. Sure its just a buisness like anything else, but cmon at least sell us something good! 

But why do they get to do this? Because we allow it! Most settle for less because honestly they think we as normal cant make a change. After all, the people who make the garbage we consume are the ones with the money and not us. So long as it keeps us distracted well let it slide. BUT WHY SHOULD WE? We dont have to settle for lifeless corperate greed! We dont have to settle for the corperations pushing one agenda down our throats. We can be the change, so thats what I strive for. To remind people that WE have the power.

Thats why I seek to make my dream a reality, to fund indie creators would be amazing because they usually produce better content with less money, time, resources, and connections WHILE working a full time job. 

Personally I will be starting my dream by setting an example, so if your interested in suppourting me heres my channel.