Hello, I'm Ashby: Surround Sound Clown

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About Supascury

I've worked in both audio and entertainment for around 10 years now. However it's not until just recently that I decided to combine the two. So I guess I'm pretty new on the scene in that sense. Having a lot of fun so far!

Excited to keep learning and developing myself while meeting some of you lovely, talented people in the process.

I'm non-binary and was born and raised in the UK. Through working with clients in the US, I've developed a naturally mixed accent and can easily slip into authentic UK and US dialects with ease.

Feel free to add me on Discord/Socials if you want to chat about VA or any of your projects! Username: Supascury

  • @johnuary16

    Supascury is quality and speed put together, just absolutely knocks it out of the park with whatever I give him. overall an absolute legend!

  • @PyreneStudios

    Supascury has a very professional voice and is wonderful to work with! Highly recommend!

  • @deandodds

    Ashby was great to work with. Ashby played the lead in a project, it was not an easy role and a lot depended on Ashby, who did a fantastic job. It involved playing the same character at different ages and in different situations. Ashby was able to create subtly different versions and voices for the character and while preparing asked really astute questions. Very talented and I highly recommend.

  • @Morganalefey

    Ashby is such a gem of a person, and has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside.

    We're in a running collab currently, but they've also helped in a personal project of mine, in which their work was phenomenal!

    I highly recommend them for their beautiful talents, and calm professional demeanor; that makes it such a joy to work with them.

    Cannot wait for future projects together!

  • @JoyWay

    Look no further for THE reliable, high-quality voice for your project

  • @daring_casual

    Having Ashby as a lead singer was an incredible luck and a great experience in every aspect. Their singing, voice acting, and editing skills are brilliant. They are thoughtful and meticulous when applying feedback while maintaining their unique interpretation of the character. Ashby is also an awesome team player, encouraging and inspiring others. Looking forward to working together again!