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About Storm

Hello! I’m Storm! I am a teen girl who enjoys voice acting! I’m a Christian! I would love to audition for your series! 

-About my voice acting- 

I started voice acting in April 2021. 

Some Projects I directed:

 Warriors The Sun Trail Audiobook

Email: silverstreamkitten (no space)

Discord: StormLight2#1022

Youtube: StormLight2


Any prices!

What Storm is looking for

I am looking for voice acting roles. I hope to one day become an voice actor/actor.

Discord: StormLight2#1022

Email:[email protected]

  • @shallowdawn

    StormLight2 is a very talented voice actor and artist. I have given her 2 roles on my projects and she has NAILED them. So, if you are thinking of casting them for something Please do, she is SUPER talented.

  • @gogy_the_axolotl

    StormLight is a wonderful actress. We have worked on projects together for a while. Like The Sun Trial Audiobook. (her project) and 'Because we're Young' (one of my projects). I definitely recommend her for your projects!

  • @deleted692317

    is an amazing voice actor! Working with them was a pleasure. They are very good with getting stuff in one time. Im super excited to work with them again. Highly recommend casting them!