Stephen Quinn

Stephen Quinn

Hey all! Stephen's my name and it's a pleasure to meet/work with you. I'll try to respond to any inquires in a timely manner!

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About Stephen Quinn

Heyo, Stephen Quinn here!
Male / Early 30's
Illinois born and raised. Worked everywhere from the suburbs and the fields to the Windy City herself.
A few years of experience with video editing in PremierPro and some good time logged in Audacity for quick sound tweaking.

Currently learning to play the piano for a challenge.

Voice Acting has always been a private passion of mine. Got started with character voices for the Tabletop RPG's I GM for friends. Decided to try and do it for more than fun.

That's mostly it. Thanks for reading and have a creative day!

Harper College of IL - 2017

Acting I

Instructed by Laura Pulio Colbert

An introductory course that allowed newcomers to the medium to learn pacing, expression control, and believable interactions. 

Harper College of IL - 2018

Acting II

Instructed by Laura Pulio Colbert

An advanced course for fine tuning one's ability to improv and act out scenes with large ensemble casts.

Harper College of IL - 2022

Audio and Sound Recording

Instructed by

An 8 week course on the engineering side of sound editing and audio recording. Learning what mics work best for each project.


I'm mostly just looking to build a portfolio and get some experience under my belt. If payment is a MUST, though, I'll be satisfied with the industry minimum of 1 to 3 dollars a line.

Mostly looking to hone the craft though!

What Stephen Quinn is looking for

Mostly looking to lend a voice to smaller indie projects. My dream is to be part of a team of passionate creatives that enjoy just riffing and building a rapport so our dialogue sounds natural in the final cut!