Hey there! You can call me Straw, Strawberry, or Vid! I use (she/her) pronouns.

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About Stawberriiee

I mostly like making productions, I am new to Casting Call Club but I know this is going to grow on me for a very long time! My skills cover ALL aspects of art, I use procreate, Procreate Dreams, photoshop, adobe illustrator, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After effects, I also can make traditional Art in any medium. I have good knowledge on modeling and sculpting in Blender as well. I also make music, I currently use Garageband. I also write, but I am still getting used to writing in screenplay format. Lastly, I am beginning to learn how to Program + Learning Computer Science in Java Specifically. I love to make productions since I get to bring people together to make something new. I also just love organization, and it's lots of fun to bring opportunities for people no matter who they are!

What Stawberriiee is looking for

I’m looking for passion projects that have a deeper message than just a story! Hey, but not going to lie, just a story can be more than I ever want to collaborate on! I am hoping I can find a community of open-minded people with kind communicators on whichever project I happen to end up working on!