An aspiring voice actor and impressionist. I love doing DC Comic's Joker (a mixture of Mark Hamill and Troy Baker) and many Star Wars voices! I may not have a ton of experience, but I'm building up the courage to keep trying and I'll always do my very best!

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About SonicDRJ

Hello, I'm SonicDRJ. I'm someone with an interest in Voice Acting/Impressions and some mild familiarity with making music with FL Studio as well. I'm a Star Wars nerd, and love doing different voices based upon the series, especially battle droids! I also like to do The Joker from DC Comics, and have recently tried delving into Megatron from Transformers Animated, and Soundwave from the Bayverse. I have a naturally loud voice, which makes doing shouty and commanding voices fun, but pulling back lets me do some more sinister voices as well, like Emperor Palpatine and Springtrap. I'm very excited to start this new journey of mine, and am excited to see what the future holds in the world of voice acting!

I don't use Twitter anymore (it does exist, but it's basically abandoned. I only keep it around since it has things i don't want to delete), so if you want to find me online, go to Cohost instead! (Abandoned for personal safety concerns. You can ask for my Discord to contact me.)

What SonicDRJ is looking for

I joined Casting Call Club because I mentioned to a few friends who are also on here that I had some interest in Voice Acting and/or doing voice impressions. They highly recommended that I give CCC a chance if I want to get my feet wet, so here I am!

I normally like doing voice impersonations, with one of my favorites being The Joker from DC Comics (as voiced by Mark Hamill, though sometimes I slip in a little bit of Richard Epcar's Joker since I have familiarity with Joker's MK11 lines, as well as the occasional slip into Troy Baker's Joker as well). I also like doing Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, as well as an unedited version of Frank Welker's Soundwave voice from Transformers (this would be similar to how he sounds in the Michael Bay movies as well as on Transformer Prime.)

For my FL Studio stuff, I'm mainly inspired by EDM artists such as MDK, Teminite, and TheFatRat. I also like messing around with Orchestral sounds too, though admittedly my song graveyard is over ten times larger than my list of released songs.

For original voices, I usually like doing loud, shouty voices, akin to what you might here from an angry officer in Star Wars if I'm being honest. Sometimes I like doing really deep, gravelly voices as well because it gives a monstrous sound to it. All else fails, trying to make myself sound insane is a favorite of mine for random voices.