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About Sierra

Hello! My name is Sierra Ames!! I started CCC to hopefully gain experience in the voice acting world to be able to one day become a well-known VO artist as well as get accepted into my dream agency!! Since signing up in September of 2022, I have been able to acquire 5 character roles!! Komi and Yin from Future Academy, Ami from 7 in a Different World, and Tiffany from The Weirdos!! All are Gacha productions and ever since I started, I feel like I have definitely grown!! I'm so excited to see what other characters I will be able to bring to life in the future!! If you have a character you would like me to voice, feel free to dm me, I'll be happy to take the role no matter if it is paid or not!!

Barbizon USA - 2021

Acting and Modeling Course

Instructed by Ms. Sidni

I took acting and modeling courses with Barbizon USA. There were only a handful of people in class since we had to audition to see if we qualified for the courses and if they saw potential in us. We went through all of the basics as well as some of the more in depth things based on the industry.


not really charging a specific amount yet

What Sierra is looking for

Jobs that need voice acting (primarily), editing, and art!!!