Debbie Foster - Voice Actor

Debbie Foster - Voice Actor

Professional Australian Female Voice Actor with 20+ years' experience

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About Debbie Foster - Voice Actor

I am Debbie Foster, a professional female voice actor with 20+ years of experience providing professional voice overs for: radio, television, on-hold, eLearning, video games, cinema advertising and more recently, audiobook narration and character voices.

Pricing - for professional Australian female voice overs.

On Casting Call Club, I am looking to learn and grow in character voicing so, I wouldn't expect to be highly paid. I would like to be paid for of the time I put in but I understand that there's lots of variables and some of these projects don't offer any monetary reward. If I audition for what's clearly a 'zero pay' project, that means I understand the situation and am willing to assist with zero reward (except the satisfaction). 

What Debbie Foster - Voice Actor is looking for

Fun, education around character voicing and clear direction on how the character should sound.