Celena B

Celena B

Any gender voice actor and digital artist. 21, with a very youthful voice. Able to perform in roles for children, teens, and adults.

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About Celena B

Hi, I'm Celena, I'm a stage performer working towards a degree in professional acting at my University. I have performed since I was very young, so I'm comfortable with it. At the time of writing this (2022) I'm 21 years old. I'm interested in roles that pay 20$ an hour, however I'm also willing to negotiate that price depending on how fun I think the role is. 

I am COMPLETELY UNWILLING to do NSFW roles. It's not negotiable.

My voice sounds younger than I am, though I believe I can pull off an older-sounding voice decently. I joined an extremely formal voice acting site and I believe this one to be very informal, and I'm hoping to find some kind of healthy middleground. I enjoy comedic and dramatic roles. I can't promise that I'll be capable of screaming at the top of my lungs, considering I live in someone else's house, but I can try my best.

Please reach out to me! I'm always willing to hear someone out.


I'm starting at $20 an hour. I have experience in stage acting however I am less experienced in voice acting, so I'm looking to gain experience.

What Celena B is looking for

I'm looking for acting projects. Games, animated projects, etc. I'd like to earn money for this eventually, and I joined Casting Call Club because the other site for voice actors that I signed up for is much more formal and so the work will most likely not be very engaging.