The angsty and confused voice acting.. succubus?

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About Romshaa

Your local succubus microwave.

Rookie VA (About 2 years ON & OFF) | 20 | Hobbyist Artist | Genderfluid (Any/All)

Let me know if you end up contacting me via DM's!

DC: susiesins

Open to any type of projects. I am allowed to decline with no reason given.

Will not draw for your projects. I am only open for voice acting, singing and writing!

My voice range is medium to high low, to say the least. I specialize in soft spoken, monotone, various accents, and much more!

What Romshaa is looking for

I do not mind fandubs, SFM projects, video games or fan games, or anything else you think I have the range for! ;)  

Paid projects are preferred. :]

  • @bopyva

    She has a big passion for voice acting just like me, and she introduced me to this website and has helped me grow as a person and voice actor! I recommend her for any project she applies for if she so seems fit! :)