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About Robotwhisper

I am an aspiring voice actor. I have only been doing voice acting for about 2-3 months. At the beginning I'm hoping to get into any role I am an outgoing person who loves to mess around and have fun. I want to make people smile and doing voices was the thing that made me happy so I want to do the same. The voices that I do are stitch from lilo and stitch, announcer voices, goofy happy characters, medieval people ready for a battle and I'm currently learning how to do low pitch voices. 

SkillShare - 2022

Learning Voice Acting/Voice Impressions-For Beginners

Instructed by MJ CHristensen
SkillShare - 2022

Accents & Voice Impressions - From Beginner to Pro

Instructed by Charlie Hopkinson
What Robotwhisper is looking for

I'm not working on any projects at the moment. I am hoping to get more and more experience into voice acting and learning how to audition, get roles, and learn how to read scripts. I joined Casting Call Club to start landing roles and to get myself out in the word of VA