Rebecca Evans

Rebecca Evans

Empathetic, steady, and warm. Let me use my passion for storytelling and love for acting to bring your project to life!

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About Rebecca Evans

I love stories. 

I’ve been telling stories since before I could write them. One of my very first I illustrated with crayons before instructing my parents on what to write below. In high school, I stepped into the world of improv and theater which I continued to explore in my years at college. While pursuing my degree I performed in Shakespeare, improv nights, and I even had the chance to play Elizabeth in a performance of Pride and Prejudice. Post-college, I continued storytelling from off the stage by giving presentations on natural science as part of my job. These days I practice storytelling in a new way, by bringing the works of talented authors to life in audiobook form. I love getting lost in a good book, whether fiction or nonfiction. I would be honored to partner in storytelling with you to bring your work to an even larger audience.      






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