Raegan Jean

Raegan Jean

Newbie VA/ Professional Dreamer and Creator. DM's are always open for projects.

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About Raegan Jean

About me:

Hi! My name is Raegan and I am currently learning how to voice act/over and edit sound.

I've worked in the film Industry part-time for about four years now and I've loved every second of it!! I've decided that this year I'm going to be even more productive with my career and expand my skills by getting into voice acting as well as acting on screen!

Feel free to reach out to me regarding any of your projects or roles as I am always down to help out!

Some Previous work:

-Toph Beifong in Earth Bending Technique(ATLAB parody)


-Dianna in Inhabited(A one shot film)


Current Equipment:

-Rode Nt1 5th gen

-Behringer U-Phoria UM2

-pop filter

-Sound Treated room(closet)


-Lenovo laptop

***Just purchased a Rode Nt1 gen 5 with a Behringer interface! Most of my previous auditions and work were recorded on my old Blue Snowball microphone. ***

Current news:

I've recently started my own Meditation and ASMR Youtube channel. Check out my video's and be sure to leave a like and follow!


Mountain movement dance center - 2020

Auditioning for acting 101

Instructed by

1 day workshop that went over the basics of auditioning.


I am currently looking for experience and would love to work for free on smaller projects! Hit me up if you think I'd fit a role in your story/game/animation, If I have the time I don't mind helping out for the experience and a recommendation!

What Raegan Jean is looking for

I would love to work on animes or cartoons. I like creating characters and telling a story and some of the best stories are told through animation. 

I joined CCC to hopefully expand my options and chances of getting an opportunity to put myself out there and learn.

  • @JustinEvansvoice

    Raegan is always trying to learn and hone her craft and is only getting better with time. She's good now and on her way to greatness! Professional, competent, and motivated she will be a great fit for almost any project.