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About QuackyBlue

Hello! I'm QuackyBlue! Also known as Luialley. I'm a GachaTuber and an aspiring director/animator/producer/artist (I know it's a lot). I'm currently working on a huge project called "Hakai To Saisei" and I have high hopes for it. I've been directing this series for about a year and a half now. There has been a lot of delays, but I'm back on track! That's all what I'm gonna put here because I don't know what else to put. Here are a few of additional Information about me:

  • I'm an illustrator in a journalism board in a university here in my country

  • I'm a manga illustrator (mangaka) and my series "Hakai To Saisei" is actually based off from that. Sadly, it's not released yet

  • I've tried voice acting, but then I realized my voice wasn't VA material regardless if I did have the right equipment

  • I've done a few solo projects before such as The one that got away, Nightsky, Daydream dreamer, The edge of yesterday but I decided to discontinue them since their stories weren't really gonna go anywhere. 

  • @Ami_chan

    Hi can you sing I'm a good song writer but I can't sing. Lol.

  • @Pastel_Nanamii

    I wanted to try out for a voice acting job since it's a strong interest I wanted to get into!