hi hi! I’m JinxxRay but people usually call me Rayden or Dray. I’ve been a Director for over 4+ years who makes thriller indie series on YouTube. I’m also the Director/creator of the JinxxTeam, a film production team who makes indie shows yearly. I’m also a voice actor, but due me talking a hiatus l

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About JinxxRay

— About Me :

So, hi I’m dray/Rayden. I’m a high school student who loves to write thriller and romance stories. Between the year 2017-2019 I wrote over 20+ stories wanting to make them into a movie or series but I didn’t have the time nor confidence to do so. During the lockdown between the year 2020-2022 I sept most of my days locked inside my house 24/7 like everybody else, knowing that I was pretty much free the whole entire time I started to make mini series with my own made up characters and posted them on YouTube, that was where my journey started. I kept of doing this for 2 years building up the courage and experience to one day direct my own series with a professional film production team. Around mid 2022 I stared to reach out to a few voice actors , artists , animators and etc to help me out in making a series. Since then I am working my way to become a full time creator on YouTube, to inspire others to make their own series as well. Other than me wanting to become a full time creator on YouTube, as a career I’m working to become an architect. Even if I do become one, that won’t stop me from creating series on YouTube and keeping you all entertained!

— Voice Acting :

I’ve been voice acting for over 3+ years now, though I haven’t been doing it professionally I still enjoy it and only do it as a hobby. I can do a High Male voice , Low Female voice , medium female voice , high Female voice , old female voice and more. I would love to work in your series as a VA and am looking forward to it!


Per line : 10-50$ ( we can go over the payment if you like ) 

- if you reach out to me for unpaid work i will most likely decline your offer as I prefer paid work.

What JinxxRay is looking for

- fandubs 

- original series/films 

- game dubs