Heyo! I’m Alice (or Morado). i’m a not so good artist who likes to draw, play my bass, do wacky voices and just talk and hang out with friends…despite being shy. i’ve been making art since 2016 and still going! i’ve improved very very little but i’m still trying!

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About Alice

i was Born October 9th 2005 making me currently 18 years old

Drawing and Creating Wacky Characters is basically the only thing i’m decently good at, i also practice singing and voice impressions a lot. 

i play only 2 instruments (unprofessionally) those being Bass and Drums!

i like to keep my opinions and thought to myself almost all the time, but when i do let my opinions out, i always mean well.

if you wish to chat about art and what not, hit me up on Discord! 



i can do stuff for free or get paid for work

What Alice is looking for

looking to do some small voice acting work, and maybe help out with some basic art hah..