Oscar Stävemyr

Oscar Stävemyr

A Swedish guy with a passion for voice acting

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About Oscar Stävemyr

Oscar is a thirty-year-old up-and-coming voice actor from Sweden. For more than three years he's been in the business of amateur voice acting and during that time he has played a plethora of roles both big and small.

Currently, he is providing the voices of Sunspot and Mr. Sinister in X-Men The Audio Drama, as well as playing the voice of Thor in Avengers The Audio Drama.


Open for negotiation.

  • @NateLodbrok

    Oscar is an amazing and talented voice actor. The fact he's not on more projects is criminal. You need a booming thunderous voice? He's got you! Need a specific accent such as Puerto Rican, Scandinavian, or something else? He's got you! Need a poisonous sounding villain or a blue collar police officer? HES GOT YOU! I cannot recommend working with Oscar enough. Your next project easily has a place for him!