Zane Monroe

Zane Monroe

A artist and animator looking for help with animation projects. Including original characters and well known characters in cartoons and anime.

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About Zane Monroe

Welcome to my page! My name is Zane Monroe (He/Him) a 24 year old artist and animator looking for help on upcoming and planned original and fan works. 

As of current, art and animation is my full time job. Due to this, any projects I create will be volunteer work since I do not have personal funding to support an entire team. I deeply apologize and hope this changes in the future, it is my goal to reach enough followers that I can kickstart future projects and make even better and bolder works.

I appreciate any help I receive and those who reach out to me for any current projects.

Thanks for stopping by!


While yes I am willing to work for unpaid projects should I have strong desire to be apart of them, I am also just a guy who likes to buy groceries and pay bills. Should you seek my services immediately, my prices are listed bellow:

Final prices for my services are calculated privately upon contact.


•  Clean up animation: $450 per minute (~$35-$40 per every 10 seconds of animation)

•  Rough animation: $350 per minute (~$25-$30 per every 10 seconds of animation)

•  Story Boards: $80 base price for 1 minute

•  Colorist: $10 per every cell 


(Note: I only work with finished puppet rigs, I do not create flash puppets for commission)

•  $22.99 to cover program membership cost (Adobe Animate)

•  $20 an hour

* additional nonrefundable $50 hiring fee for all services


I have the right to refuse any work offer should I not feel comfortable or believe I won't be able to accomplish what you are seeking from me. I refuse to sign any contracts that let Generative AI use my art likeness for your project, I will not give my consent. Additionally, I refuse to work with any projects that include AI that harms the business of artists, voice actors, writers, filmography and more.

What Zane Monroe is looking for

I am currently looking to join any project that peaks my interests, as long as I am able to coordinate it into my current workload!

I seek out original works and love hearing new and unique stories! Some of my favorite shows growing up are now considered retro, such as "Chowder" or "Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends" (how crazy is that?) But, I have enjoyed some newer animation, such as "The Owl House", "The Ghost and Molly McGee", and more. I currently follow and am most excited for the indie animation "Far-Fetched" by Ashley Nichols

Should you think you can grab my attention for your work, feel free to contact me through DM's! :)