Over 35 years of music composing & recording, sound engineering & design, sound effects & foley work.

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About Mute

Hey there, I’m Mute – and I’m your friendly composer, sound engineer and sound designer!

You're welcome to skip down to my reel, and hear how I can benefit your work. 👇😊

I can also help you with your voice reel. See below for details.


It's a cliche, but it honestly depends on how complicated the project is and how quickly you need it. Feel free to reach out and ask - there is never any pressure to accept. 

What Mute is looking for

I have steady work coming in from other sources, but it's very samey. Believe me, I am not complaining one bit! 😊 So I'm here to 1) work on my own audio drama projects, just for the sheer pleasure of creating and experimenting and 2) take on other people's projects that I find interesting. That way, I can extend my range, learn new skills, add to my reel and keep myself creatively fresh (I've been doing this for years, and I never stop learning!). 


If a project really interests me, I don't mind not getting paid for my time. However, if I do unpaid work, the music I make for you can be used in your project forever - but I retain the copyright, and can be use it however I choose in the future. 


Due to the enormous amount of work involved, I regret that I am not in a position to act as an unpaid sound designer, unless 1) the project really interests me and 2) the requirements are simple. 


I am very happy to help you get the best sound for your voice reel, as well as give advice on what your prospective clients are looking for. I am not a Voice Director or Casting Director by trade, but I've worked closely with lots of them. Feel free to reach out with your requirements and I will give you a fair price, with no obligation for you to accept.