I see you there haha, thanks for checking out my voice.

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About Aeon

I never really thought I could make it as a voice actor or singer growing up. But with encouragement from my friends I have decided to give it a try. Now 6 years later I feel like I am able to deliver the quality I was hoping for in my voice's, and I now have the equipment to record it as well. 


I'm pretty flexible with my payment options, from $5-$25 depending on the amount of lines and revisions you desire. 

What Aeon is looking for

I love being able to connect with the character I voice, both tone wise and story wise. I dont mind working on any level of projects be it small or large. I am seeking to further my voice acting career and my voice's range, so feel free to challenge me. I ended up joining casting call club for a chance at a larger pool of auditions that I can apply to.