Fatback bacon, butter, half-shell crunch. Half cooked, half cocked, half open for lunch...

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About MoistWhenWet

My name is Shayn and I physically can't help myself from mimicking things ever since I was a wee child. I've always loved cartoons and animations and the voices that go along with the characters in them, and the process of bringing characters to life. I don't have any professional training, but I do try and conduct myself professionally and try to have fun with the projects I'm in.

I have a YouTube channel I post clips to randomly

I also have a Twitch channel.

  • @whisperingwillow

    Shayne joined my podcast to help with some of the male roles in various books and he has been a fantastic addition!  He is easy to communicate with,  lines are delivered on time, clear and clean. I am so fortunate to have him as part of my team!