Voice Acting seems fun, submissions may be submitted after I received it.

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About Von

Hi, I'm Von, just, "Von."

I may have an intermediate video editing experience (At least 4 years now) but I never voice acted before creating this account nor experienced any stage plays but it doesn't hurt to try something that piques your interest since middle school.

My vocal range is Low to Mid and I am Asian. I can kind of do high range but I still need some polishing to do.


Additional Links
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/JustVon
Twitter (Quite inactive): https://twitter.com/MMochivon
Discord Handle: Mochi Mochi Von#8014



What Von is looking for

You don't really need to find me as I am the one who actively is in search for whichever piques my interest, literally, almost anything. (LOL)

The ones listed are the things I'm only interested to voice act for (Male):
- Animations/Anime
- Antagonists
- Audiobooks
- Calm characters
- Comedy
- Devil May Cry
- Dota 2
- Drama
- Elsword

- Fate Series
- Genshin Impact
- Grand Chase
- Mobile Legends
- Otome games

- Roblox
- Romance
- Suave characters
- Tekken
- VTubers

- Webtoons
- Young adult characters

I am fine with swearing but not extreme and controversial ones.

Note: Currently on a hiatus.