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What Admission Officers Want In a College Essay? Guide 2021 

When asking what college admission officers want to see in your application essays, I’d first like to say that the topic of these essays is not what each and every single admissions person would ask or tell you they want. In fact, no two people have asked for exactly the same thing from me as free essay writing service am sure some other colleges will not be looking for a specific piece of information (especially if you are applying through the Common Application) and instead may choose to just read over all applicants essay responses. If this is true then how do we figure out what these officials are actually searching for? By simply researching current data and trends in an applicant pool!


Essays written by students coming from high schools usually contain more concrete claims on topics, as opposed to essays written by students who are first generation college students or come from a lower income family. Why? Because the higher education path has been seen and comprehended before in their life (and not necessarily through themselves). As these applicants usually come from wealthier or more suburban schools, they do not have any experience with many financial problems that come along with being in student loans or even searching for affordable housing. They also receive support directly from their families for college costs rather than having to seek out scholarships on their own. These students may view college admissions simply as a numbers game: get good grades, write decent essay responses, take required tests on time and you will be accepted into whatever school you desire! In reality though, it is not that easy.


Most cases are not as clear cut as one may think, and there is a gap between reality and expectation. For example: A student with an IQ of 140 from a high school in the upper class suburb of New York City who is valedictorian or salutatorian is more likely to be accepted into an Ivy League school than someone from a lower income family living in rural North Carolina with an SAT score of 980 (same for ACT scores). The variables are vast here but so are the opportunities for anyone who wants to excel and work hard enough. Similarly, if cheapest essay writing service looked at two students from different financial backgrounds both scoring 1500 on their SATs, the higher income student would have better chances of getting into an elite institution.


The story here is that classes in school are all there really are to figure out how well you can write a college essay. There is no secret “essay-writing” class that most students overlook, and if you did not take the time to keep up with your English or Language Arts classes then chances are this may be detrimental for your application process! I am not saying that the writing skills of someone with a lower income will be lacking in any way (as many lower income families have just as much access to technology as any upper class areas do) but I am simply stating that applicants who come from more advantaged backgrounds will need to focus more on their grades rather than essays themselves because they can rely on their words and papers to get them through college.


So, now you know what admissions officers want to see in your college essay. We hope that this article has helped you create a more compelling and captivating essay for your application. If not, we are here to help or consult cheap essay writing service! Our team of professional writers will work with you until every sentence is perfect and the tone reflects how great an applicant you truly are. 


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